My Monologue

When I was little, I could here them fighting you could too, the screaming, and the glass drops, wine stains the floor. Even now, while they’re not even together they fight, don’t they see how they’ve damaged me inside, how they’ve ridiculed you? He is twisting your mind, don’t fall into his trap„ he loves you but we all know if you listen to him there will be no happy ending. I know you’re tired of fighting and you just want to fall to your knees but I won’t let them hurt you, because when they hurt you they’re killing me. Don’t you see, the money is just mask he’s putting on, bribing you to stay. But don’t give in, I know you’re not that silly. Be strong. Don’t give up. If you do I will find you and drag you back to where you belong, he may do what he wants to me but as long as you are untouched I will be fine. I love you, and I will fight for you, my big sister.

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